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Assistant General Cousel

New York, NY, USA


About the Role

Duties & Responsibilities
This is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which the new attorney will be expected to contribute:

▪ Administration and enforcement of collectively bargained agreements, with a focus on (but not exclusive to) the newly negotiated Minor League Basic Agreement and any associated agreements (e.g., drug testing policy, domestic violence policy, sports betting policy, etc.)
▪ Representing Players who are subject to potential discipline, including in investigations that are initiated by a Club or by MLB
▪ Player grievances (investigation, fact gathering, document review, legal analysis, preparation for arbitration, settlement negotiations)
▪ Daily advice to Players, agents and staff regarding our various collectively bargained agreements and other legal matters.
▪ Collective bargaining negotiations, with a focus on (but not exclusive to) the Minor League bargaining unit
▪ Research, communication, and education relating to collective bargaining
▪ Labor Relations activities involving the Office of the Commissioner
▪ On-field playing rules and regulations
▪ Player health and safety issues
▪ Agent certification and regulation, including investigations conducted under the MLBPA Agent Regulations and litigation of appeals filed in agent disciplinary matters
▪ Outside criminal and civil litigation involving the Association, Players, Agents
▪ Player communications and education
▪ Agent communications and education
▪ Internal legal matters (e.g., vendor contracts, government compliance)
▪ Serving as a point person for communications with Players, agents, and other third parties who prefer to communicate in Spanish (including translation, where needed)


About the Company

The Assistant General Counsel will be an integral part of the MLBPA Legal Department, with responsibilities covering a broad range of matters related to the negotiation, administration, and enforcement of the Association’s collectively bargained agreements, legal advice provided to players, player agents and other Association constituents, and internal Association governance.

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