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Associate Counsel (NY State Athletic Commission)

New York, NY, USA

State of New York

About the Role

Provide legal support to NYSAC and DOS with regard to the regulation of boxing and professional combat sports, sparring, and the promotion of professional wrestling within New York State.

• Provide legal support to NYSAC and DOS regarding the licensure and authorization of boxers, professional combat sport participants, seconds, managers, match-makers, trainers, timekeepers, announcers, gyms, promoters, referees, and judges.

• Provide legal support to NYSAC to ensure that, as a public body, it appropriately exercises its quasi-judicial duties and complies with the Open Meetings Law and Freedom of Information Law.

• Review and draft contracts relating to professional boxing and other NYSAC regulated sports.

• Coordinate, consult, and otherwise interface with law enforcement authorities to appropriately respond to and prevent unlawful and/or unlicensed combat sport activities.

• Review administrative documents and required filings pre-event, and work with the Chair and Executive Director to conduct administrative debriefings on behalf of NYSAC post-event.

• Draft and amend NYSAC rules and regulations.

• Consult with and prepare memoranda for the DOS legislative counsel on any proposed or enacted statutory changes impacting NYSAC.

• Provide legal support regarding internal controls and conflict of interest policies and procedures.

• Occasionally, provide on-site legal support at professional events and weigh-ins conducted under the jurisdiction of NYSAC.

• Attend and provide legal support to the NYSAC Commissioners and Chair at open meetings.

• Attend and provide legal support to the NYSAC Medical Advisory Board and its Chair.

• Assist in the preparation and review of required NYSAC annual reports and other public documents.

• Coordinate with the DOS litigation counsel and the Office of the Attorney General to provide proper legal support regarding NYSAC-related litigation or pre-litigation matters.

• Coordinate with the DOS litigation counsel to investigate, prepare complaints, notices, briefs and represent NYSAC at administrative disciplinary hearings.

• Prepare and assist in the implementation of regulations, policies, procedures, application forms, administrative documents, and reports necessary to fully comply with all applicable State and federal laws.

• Coordinate with the DOS litigation counsel as requested on general licensing-related pre-litigation and litigation matters to investigate, prepare complaints, notices, briefs and represent the Department in administrative hearings.


About the Company

The Department of State (DOS) is seeking an experienced attorney to provide legal support and counsel to the State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), a commission within the Department, on all legal matters concerning NYSAC policy and operations. The NYSAC Counsel will be supervised by and shall report directly to the DOS General Counsel (or her designee) and will serve in a full-time appointive position based in the NYSAC offices in New York City. The NYSAC Counsel will also work in coordination with the attorneys that support the Department’s Division of Licensing Services on investigations and administrative litigation matters.

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