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Compliance Investigator

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

United States Olympic Committee (USOPC)

About the Role

Here's how you'll have an impact:

Serve as point of contact for preliminary inquiries and/or complaints of Requirements non-compliance by NGBs or the USOPC. In coordination with the Sr. Investigator and Sr. Director, determine if formal investigation and/or additional fact-gathering is needed to resolve concern.
As needed, investigate allegations of non-compliance with the Requirements by NGBs or the USOPC by developing and executing investigative plans, conducting witness interviews, and collecting and reviewing documents.
Write detailed investigative reports summarizing the results of investigations or reviews and analyzing compliance under the Requirements.
Provide clear summaries to affected parties, orally and in writing, of findings and conclusions from USOPC-led investigations and reviews.
Ensure communication with the Sr. Director relative to significant investigative developments via regular briefings, oral presentations, and written reports.
At all times, exercise sound judgment regarding the resolution of complaints, including informal resolution and formal investigation.

Based on review and investigations conducted, provide assessments concerning compliance deficiencies that may be addressed through delivery of internal or external support.
Support the Sr. Director as needed in prosecuting NGB and other non-compliance matters.

Participate in organizational strategic and tactical planning as requested.
When appropriate, assist in the identification and review of potential personnel enhancements by participating in candidate interviews, conducting background research, and providing feedback to the Sr. Director and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer.
Maintain confidentiality and use discretion and judgement in sharing and discussing information regarding inquiries, complaints, investigations, etc.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Sr. Director and/or Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer.


About the Company

The USOPC is looking for an exceptional candidate to join its Ethics & Compliance team in the position of Compliance Investigator. The Ethics & Compliance team is responsible for ensuring that the organizations recognized by the USOPC as National Governing Bodies (NGBs) meet their membership obligations as set forth in the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, USOPC Bylaws, and other USOPC policies (collectively the Requirements) and for investigating and resolving other compliance matters. The Ethics & Compliance team is also responsible for ensuring the USOPC complies with its own obligations in the Requirements and promotes a culture where USOPC team members feel they can report misconduct or other concerns without fear of retaliation. The team accomplishes this goal by 1) diligently tracking and responding to reports of potential USOPC and NGB non-compliance; 2) initiating and managing investigations into alleged or suspected non-compliance; 3) supporting internal USOPC efforts to organize resources to aid NGBs in meeting their compliance obligations; and 4) investigating alleged USOPC non-compliance.

The Compliance Investigator reports to the Senior Director, Compliance Investigations & Ethics (Sr. Director) and is responsible for: 1) conducting and managing investigations initiated by the Compliance team; 2) implementing established compliance processes and procedures; 3) supporting the Sr. Director in documenting, monitoring, and prosecuting NGB non-compliance matters; and 4) resolving USOPC compliance matters.

This position will work across the USOPC to coordinate investigations and develop and maintain consistent recordkeeping and reporting processes. Significant internal stakeholders for this position include Legal, Audit, Security & Athlete Safety, NGB Services, and the Athlete Ombuds Office.

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