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Compliance Manager

Atlanta, GA, USA


About the Role

Strategic Oversight: This role demands crafting a broad compliance framework that aligns seamlessly with the organization's strategic objectives. By steering multiple compliance initiatives, you'll ensure that business practices not only meet regulatory demands but also contribute to the company's overall goals.
Policy and Procedure Management: You'll be tasked with the creation and continuous refinement of compliance internal controls, policies and procedures, ensuring they remain effective and up-to-date with evolving regulations and business needs.
Technical Compliance: This aspect involves ensuring that our daily fantasy contest platform consistently meets all applicable technical regulatory requirements. You'll work collaboratively with the Product Department on the process of technical change management and coordinate effectively with testing laboratories to guarantee that new features or updates are fully compliant before rollout.
Compliance Technology Utilization: Mastery of compliance technologies is key, as you'll leverage these tools to streamline and enhance the efficiency of compliance processes. This includes adopting innovative software solutions such as Notion and Asana to manage compliance tasks more effectively.
Due Diligence and Audits: Conducting thorough due diligence and comprehensive compliance audits will be a cornerstone of this role. Through these activities, you'll identify potential areas of risk and implement corrective measures to mitigate them.
Supporting the Licensing Function: Integral to this role is the support of the licensing function, ensuring that all aspects of our daily fantasy contest platform and its operations are fully licensed and compliant with state and federal regulations. This includes working collaboratively with the Director of Licensing in preparing and submitting license applications, renewals, and managing any necessary communications or documentation with regulatory agencies.
Interdepartmental Collaboration: A collaborative spirit is essential, as you'll work closely with various departments to integrate compliance measures into the fabric of the organization. This includes fostering a culture of compliance and ensuring that all team members are informed and engaged in compliance practices.
Regulatory Communication: Acting as a liaison with regulatory bodies, you'll maintain and strengthen professional relationships, ensuring the organization is both compliant with current regulations and prepared for future changes.
Data Security & Privacy: Overseeing the safeguarding of sensitive information, you'll work collaboratively with the Infrastructure Department to implement and maintain robust data security and privacy measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal and company data.


About the Company

At PrizePicks, we are the fastest growing sports company in North America, as recognized by Inc. 5000. As the leading platform for Daily Fantasy Sports, we cover a diverse range of sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and Esports titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Our team of over 450 employees thrives in an inclusive culture that values individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their level of sports fandom. Ready to reimagine the DFS industry together?

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