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Contract Administrator

Los Angeles, CA, USA

AEG Presents

About the Role

Position Summary:

The Contract Administrator will work closely with legal, operations, accounting and production teams to review artist, venue, co-promotion, vendor, locations and sponsor agreements. Additionally, this position will work closely with Manager of Contract Administration and/or accounting team to process wire requests and deposits for artists and venues. The Contract Administrator will review venue insurance requirements per contract obligations and ensure needs are met on an event-by-event basis.

Essential Functions:

Review and edit artist(s) contracts including issuing, mark-up, receipt and processing.
Collect all pertinent information related to the agreement, clarify data points and issue to artist management team and talent buyers associated with deal.
Review venue, vendor, co-promotion, sponsor and location agreements.
Submit edited contract to supervisor, talent buyer, or general manager of venue for approval and issue to vendor, co-promoter, or sponsor.
Initiate wire requests/deposits for artist and/or venue and submit for approval.
Follow up with upper management for confirmation in timely manner to process with accounting department.
Review venue insurance for potential risks or special circumstances.
Amend insurance agreement to include additional information and coverage as needed.
Develop and update contract process, create new ways to disseminate information from field to office.
Ensure that all show files are up to date with new or revised contracts and insurance agreements.
May be responsible for training new employees in contract administration and creating contract templates for training.
May work with exhibitors ensuring paperwork is completed correctly and communicate venue information/updates as needed.


About the Company

For more than 20 years, AEG has played a pivotal role in transforming sports and live entertainment. Annually, we host more than 160 million guests, promote more than 10,000 shows and present more than 22,000 events around the world. We are committed to innovation, artistry, and community, and leverage the power of our 300+ venues, leading sports franchises, marquee music brands, integrated entertainment districts, premier ticketing platform and global sponsorship activations, to create memorable moments that give the world reason to cheer.

Our business is interwoven with the human mind and heart, and we strive to build a diverse and inclusive company that reflects the artists, athletes, and fans that we host; reach beyond traditional boundaries to support the communities in which we operate; and minimize our impact on the environment by adopting sustainable practices throughout our business operations.

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