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Director, Business and Legal Affairs

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Religion of Sports

About the Role

What you'll do:

Lead the Company’s day-to-day deal-making with networks, streaming services, producers, and talent across unscripted, scripted and audio development and production
Negotiate and draft all common agreements within the entertainment industry including television series license and sale agreements, producer agreements, talent agreements, option purchase agreements, life rights agreements, etc.
Create and lead an internal production legal function that provides prompt, relevant and clear guidance to the company’s unscripted productions and responds to their show-level legal needs
Seek to improve the company’s precedents with buyers while driving appropriate consistency across the Company’s various initiatives and projects
Provide practical, thoughtful business advice to company leadership to further the Company’s stated short- and long-term objectives
Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders including internal personnel, the Company’s agents, third party representatives, buyers, and potentially talent

What we think you’ll need:

4-8 years of relevant experience in the Business and/or Legal Affairs department at a company doing regular business at the highest levels of the entertainment industry
A background in production legal and working directly with show staff
A broad understanding of the issues and variables contained within common entertainment industry agreements
A friendly, relationship-driven approach to solving complex problems
A strong desire to see things done thoroughly and correctly
The ability to work collaboratively but also independently to get many things done while maintaining the vision to know when to stop and ask for support
A flexible and entrepreneurial nature and the willingness to work in a startup environment where structural support may not be available
A JD and admission into a state bar (preferably CA)


About the Company

Sports aren’t like religion. Sports are religion. They provide meaning, purpose, and significance to their participants–from athletes to spectators, coaches to broadcasters, to family, friends, and fans. If sports are the faith, these are the faithful–and we are its disciples. We are a diverse, forward-thinking collective of filmmakers and podcasters, writers and designers, thinkers and makers who believe in the power of storytelling to show why sports matter so deeply to communities around the world. Our stories–from the premium long-form narrative all the way down to the fuzzy fan-made social media posts–carry the same DNA: sports are mythic, with epic battles, god-like heroes & villains, real-life miracles, and unshakeable, agonizing curses. We believe that the court, the field, the pitch–whatever the competitive arena may be–is a spiritual crucible in which spontaneous human dramas are enacted every single day. We believe these stories contain multitudes of truth and can be artfully mined for profound yet tangible wisdom.

Co-Founded by Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra...Welcome to the Religion of Sports. Founded in 2016, the media company has produced hundreds of hours of content, with more than 250 million views/listens across all mediums, including unscripted and scripted short-form and long-form video, podcasts, branded partnerships, and commercials. Some of the Emmy-winning content include Tom vs. Time, Stephen vs. The Game, Kobe Bryant’s Muse, and Shut Up and Dribble. ROS has partnerships with multiple media platforms to distribute its content, including Amazon, Apple+, Facebook, Netflix, among others.

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