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Director Counsel, State Regulatory Compliance

New York, NY, USA


About the Role

This position will work with a fantastic team of legal and regulatory professionals striving to maintain FanDuel’s compliance position for all products across the United States and assist with FanDuel’s continued innovation of those products. Reporting to FanDuel’s Vice President of Legal, Regulatory & Compliance, this role manages a sophisticated team of lawyers and compliance experts and:

Owns FanDuel’s framework and methodology for maintaining compliance with each state’s regulatory obligations with all FanDuel and FoxBet/PokerStars products.
Owns and maintains FanDuel’s engagement and relationship with State Regulators once FanDuel has launched and is actively regulated by a state.
Maintains primary responsibility for identifying owners, and assisting in appropriately designating required policies, procedures, processes and reporting necessary for FanDuel and FoxBet/Poker Stars to maintain compliance with each state’s regulatory regimes (other than licensing obligations).
Owns the advisory team tasked with providing legal and regulatory guidance to internal FanDuel team members regarding state regulatory requirements for all products in all states;
Manages day-to-day compliance monitoring of internal controls and procedures through use of sophisticated technology.
Owns regulatory engagement relating to incident management, escalated customer complaints, financial, fraud, marketing and other state regulatory reporting, and all other necessary state regulatory engagement, including all necessary documentation, auditing, control etc.
Owns a dedicated team of state regulatory compliance operations professionals dedicated to conducting critical state-regulatorily mandated compliance operations and providing documentation, metrics and reporting re: the same.
Owns FanDuel and FoxBet/PokerStars internal stakeholder engagement as it relates to state regulatory compliance.
Engages in close partnership with the new product launch/licensing compliance team, the federal regulatory compliance team and the risk team to enable seamless integration of all relevant regulatory obligations, transparency and controls.
Owns training and communications strategy, content and delivery for state regulatory compliance.


About the Company

FanDuel Group is a world-class team of brands and products all built with one goal in mind — to give fans new and innovative ways to interact with their favorite games, sports, teams, and leagues. That’s no easy task, which is why we’re so dedicated to building a winning team. And make no mistake, we are here to win, but we believe in winning right. That means we’ll never compromise when it comes to looking out for our teammates. From our many opportunities for professional development to our generous insurance and paid leave policies, we’re committed to making sure our employees get as much out of FanDuel as we ask them to give.

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