Director of Compliance

Orlando, FL, USA

University of Central Florida

About the Role

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for compliance efforts across all bylaws for a select group of sports and provides interpretation, education, and support to coaching staff and student-athletes. Serves as the compliance contact for select liaison groups, which may include departments within athletics or on-campus.
Responsible for strict adherence to NCAA, conference, and University rules and regulations; supports sports programs and student-athletes in understanding and interpreting NCAA and conference rules and regulations; maintains and updates institutional compliance policies and procedures; detects, investigates, and documents possible NCAA violations.
Responsible for a comprehensive rules education program for coaches, athletics staff and administrators, student-athletes, key university personnel, and external constituents.
Manages the NCAA rules interpretation process for coaches, student-athletes, staff, and other constituents on a daily basis. Ensures direct reports are well educated on bylaws and provides assistance and direction to support all sports.
Responsible for the dissemination of NCAA legislation to coaches, athletics staff and administrators, student-athletes, key university personnel, and external constituents in a timely manner.
Assists in directing the administration and coordination of compliance duties in the areas of ethical conduct, personnel, amateurism, recruiting, eligibility (initial, transfer, continuing), financial aid, awards, and benefits, playing and practice seasons, and rules monitoring to ensure adherence to university, Conference, and NCAA regulations.
Works closely with other departments and offices on campus (e.g. Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Student Financial Assistance, UCF Student Account Services, University Audit, Housing and Residence Life, and Dining Services) to implement and maintain appropriate compliance procedures.
Assists in the investigation of possible violations of NCAA legislation and submission of actual violations that occur.
Assists in the preparation and submission of waivers of NCAA legislation and student-athlete reinstatement cases.
Understands that rules compliance is a critical element of this position and adheres to NCAA, Conference, UCF, and UCFAA rules, regulations, and policies.
Must be well-organized, thorough, and accurate in planning, preparation, and processing of work-related materials and activities. Must meet deadlines as established. Must be cooperative and communicate effectively with a variety of people. Requires a high level of interpersonal and organizational skills. Involves some team travel, and evening and weekend work.
Perform other projects as assigned.


About the Company

This position reports to the Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance and is responsible for maintaining institutional compliance with NCAA, Conference, and university rules, and reports to the Assistant Athletics Director for any violations of those rules. The Director will assist in the development, implementation, and management of a comprehensive athletics compliance program including the development of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable NCAA, Conference, and university rules, and regulations.