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General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Operations



About the Role

About the Position:
Teamworks is on a mission to empower athletes through technology. With over 5,000 teams and 150,000 athletes leveraging our products on a daily basis, Teamworks is the proven technology partner for the world’s leading sports organizations. We are looking for an experienced and agile in-house attorney to run our legal operations.

This role is an excellent opportunity for a top-notch head of legal to play a pivotal role for the company leading the digital transformation of elite athletics.

Key Responsibilities:
Lead Teamworks’ legal function, helping guide strategy and innovation at the highest levels of the organization.
Serve as an executive member of fundraising and M&A deal teams.
Manage client contracts and negotiations.
Draft, review, negotiate and/or approve NDAs, vendor contracts, strategic partnership agreements and company policies.
Develop and refine legal standards and policies to address the evolving needs of a growing organization.
Identify, communicate and collaboratively solve sensitive legal and business concerns.
Work closely with internal clients across the business to support objectives and advise on legal risks and opportunities.
Own the relationship with outside counsel.
Oversee corporate governance and board management.
Handle employment law (including international expansion).
Manage our intellectual property portfolio.


About the Company

Founded in 2006 (when the iPhone was but a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ eye), Teamworks started out as a messaging platform supporting collegiate football teams. Since then, we have raised three institutional rounds of funding totalling over $50M (other companies in our investors’ portfolios include Airbnb, Hubspot, Stripe, Carta, and Future), and our B2B SaaS product offerings have grown to solve complex operational workflows involving communications, scheduling, data collection, rules compliance, and other issues specific to elite athletics. In addition to providing the premier operations platform serving the world of elite athletics, we’ve also built or acquired the top solutions for athlete Academic success (Teamworks Academics), Name, Image, and Likeness (INFLCR), and sports performance and nutrition (Notemeal). Our product suite continues to grow, and we are the preeminent tech provider serving top-tier athletic organizations.

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