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Law and Sports Part-Time Lecturer

Boston, MA, USA

Boston University School of Law

About the Role

This seminar will survey a range of legal issues presented by sports in America. There are no pre-requisites. However, students should be prepared to learn and apply basic principles of antitrust law and labor law. Intellectual property law, constitutional law, administrative law, anti-discrimination law, contract law and tort law also will be applied. Topics will include the regulation of the professional sports labor market. The course also will treat the regulation of agent representation of athletes, the regulation of sports franchises and sports leagues, and the regulation of intercollegiate sports, with special attention to the NCAA. Grades will be based on client-directed writing and on oral class participation, including an advocacy presentation.


About the Company

Boston University School of Law is seeking to hire a part-time lecturer to teach Law & Sports during the Spring 2023 semester. The three-credit seminar is scheduled to meet once a week, in person, on the BU Law campus.

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