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Law Professor / Subject Matter Expert in Sports Law (Project, Contract)

United States


About the Role


Quimbee is looking for a legal academic with strong subject-matter expertise in sports law to write a comprehensive class outline designed to help law students prepare for classes and final exams in that subject. The position is project-based, and depending on the subject, we estimate that this project will take between two and four months to complete. The project will be completed in weekly installments, and you will have a partner on the Quimbee editorial team to ensure that the project sticks to Quimbee’s meticulous guidelines. You will, however, be entirely responsible for the legal subject matter contained in the outline, including all research. Quimbee can provide reasonable hardcopy references (such as a casebook or treatise on the subject) to assist in research but cannot provide access to an online legal research platform.


About the Company

Founded in 2007, Quimbee is one of the most widely used e-learning platforms for law students and attorneys in the United States. Quimbee has a massive digital library of content designed to help law students and attorneys succeed, every step of the way. We're looking to expand our team of talented professionals.

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