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Legal Affairs Manager

St Paul, MN, USA

Minnesota Wild

About the Role

As our Legal Affairs Manager, YOU WILL:

Understand that the devil is in the details. You pay attention to things both big and small. From drafting legal documents like sponsorship agreements and employment contracts to managing our legal process in Minnesota and Iowa and reviewing intellectual property, you don’t miss a beat. You follow through, and follow-up, you ensure every “t” is crossed and “i" is dotted, starting from the first draft, through execution, and final sign off, you are apart of every department’s initiative.
Mitigate risk for our entire organization. Your thorough approach will identify potential threats. From insurance contracts, workers compensation, and risk management to ensuring that our raffles and social media presence complies, you will partner appropriately to close any identified gaps. You will stay current with laws, regulations and precedents, while conducting research on a variety of topics which help us mitigate risk and solve real business problems.
Solve problems as you see them. Our organization is focused on getting better every day and you’re at the center of all we do, so we expect that you don’t wait for permission, you seek out problems or inefficiencies in our processes, and solve them before we even know they’re there. By consistently evaluating contracts, compliance rules and regulations, you’ll advise our employees and clients in a timely manner on how to proceed with requests with the utmost care.
Are a cultural centerpiece. Your interaction with our employees is constant. You help them get their work done in a smart and safe manner. You act as an advocate for all things MSE, and you champion cultural efforts by delivering exceptional work. People see you as a helpful, supportive, and trusted resource and a critical part of our team and the Wild’s culture.


About the Company

Our Legal team advises and protects the passionate talent Minnesota Sports and Entertainment needs to win. Our work empowers the people that put service at the heart of everything they do, both on and off the ice, and our Legal Affairs Manager plays a key role in bringing that vision to life.

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