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Legal Internship - Spring 2024

Nashville, TN, USA

Nashville Predators

About the Role

Nashville Predators Legal Intern Responsibilities:

Drafting contracts, including but not limited to employment and third-party agreements, facilities management contracts with an eye towards standardization of best outcomes in areas such as indemnification, insurance, and liability.
Reviewing and analyzing documents relating to the Nashville Predators ticket sales, arena and/or marketing and sponsorship functions.
Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to matters such as employment, intellectual property, immigration, and alcohol laws.
Researching and analyzing legal issues including contracts, real estate, intellectual property, employment and labor law issues, corporate strategy, structure, acquisitions, and other legal areas.
Performing contract management tasks and management of legal files.
Completing other Sports Education 101 projects and responsibilities for the legal department that may be assigned


About the Company

The Nashville Predators Legal Department is seeking interns for the 2024 Spring Semester. This intern will assist with various aspects of the sports industry including, but not limited to, drafting contracts, ensuring compliance with state, federal, and local laws, and researching contracts. We are looking for a very energetic and outgoing individual who has a positive, can-do attitude and has a strong desire to learn and be part of the Smashville culture. In addition to the duties and objectives listed below, students will receive the opportunity to gain exposure to different departments and entities within the Nashville Predators organization. The Nashville Predators intern program provides an educational, skill-building, hands-on experience for all participants, and a cornerstone of the program is the interns ability to earn college credit for participation in the program.

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