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Senior Counsel, Brand Rights & Protection

Miami, FL, USA

FIFA World Cup 2026

About the Role

The main responsibilities and oversights of the Sr Counsel of Brand Rights & Protection for the FIFA World Cup 26™ include:
Implement comprehensive strategies to safeguard the FIFA World Cup 2026 brand against unauthorized use, counterfeiting, and piracy.
Monitor global markets, online platforms, and physical channels to identify and address instances of unauthorized merchandise and counterfeit products.
Enforce protection of intellectual property rights, trademarks, and logos associated with the event to prevent unauthorized usage.
Collaborate with legal teams to initiate legal actions against entities infringing on brand rights, leading to successful resolutions.
Manage and enforce brand guidelines for sponsors and partners, ensuring consistent representation and compliance with contractual obligations.
Oversee the licensing of the FIFA World Cup brand, ensuring agreements align with brand integrity and financial goals.
Coordinate with law enforcement agencies and customs officials to enhance global efforts against counterfeiting and piracy.
Develop educational materials and training programs for internal and external stakeholders to raise awareness of brand protection measures.
Analyze brand protection metrics and KPIs to assess the effectiveness of strategies and recommend enhancements.
Collaborate with event organizers to ensure brand consistency across marketing materials, merchandise, and official communications.
Prepare comprehensive reports for senior management, summarizing brand protection activities, challenges, legal actions, and future strategies.
Other duties as assigned by the General Counsel.


About the Company

The FIFA World Cup 26™ will mark the first time that the tournament features 48 teams and will be hosted by three countries: Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

This new format redefines excellence, generating unique opportunities for greater participation and engagement from fans and players in North America and all over the world. Now is your time to be a game changer and join the workforce that is planning and delivering this unique and unforgettable experience.

Reporting organisationally to the General Counsel, the Senior Counsel (Sr Manager Level) of Brand Rights & Protection will be a key member of the FIFA26 Legal team, and other key individuals responsible for safeguarding the tournament's brand assets, intellectual property, and sponsorship agreements. Further, this role will oversee intellectual property rights enforcement, sponsorship compliance, and legal actions to safeguard the FIFA World Cup 2026's brand integrity and assets.

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