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Senior Counsel - Intellectual Property

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

United States Olympic Committee

About the Role

Here's how you'll have an impact:

Manage the USOPC’s trademark portfolio, including but not limited to preparing and filing applications, declarations, renewals, and other requirement documentation with the USPTO.
Advise and assist USOPC staff to determine when new marks should be protected and to ensure ongoing protection for existing marks.
Oversee and assist in the investigation of third party trademark infringement matters and bringing parties into compliance with USOPC IP rights and requirements.
Negotiate and draft settlement agreements with infringers and follow-up to ensure compliance therewith.
Manage the USOPC’s outside trademark counsel relationship. Work with docketing to ensure USPTO deadlines are met. Discuss newly-filed third party trademark applications and assess the USOPC’s interests in preventing use or registration of third-party marks. Work closely with outside counsel on any contested-party matters, whether at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) or in federal court.
Work cooperatively with the IOC, IPC, and USOPP in protecting the Olympic and Paralympic brand in the United States, and in connection with each Games.
Work closely with USOPC staff and USOPC Sponsors to protect the value of Olympic and Paralympic sponsorships by preventing or stopping ambush marketing activities.
Oversee and advise on responses to third-party requests to use USOPC IP.
Work closely with USOPC staff in matters involving athlete images, including as to Rule 40 and the USOPC Athlete Endorsement Guidelines.
Work closely with USOPC Marketing division in creating new campaign and talent agreements with third parties.
Advise business units on copyright and footage licensing matters.
Support other work of the USOPC legal team and the AGC, Marketing & International Affairs as able and assigned.


About the Company

The Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property (SC-IP) leads efforts to protect Olympic, Paralympic, and other USOPC IP rights. The SC-IP manages USOPC work to protect its trademarks, both affirmatively at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and against unauthorized use by third parties. The SC-IP leads the USOPC Anti-Ambush task force in connection with each Olympic Games, to combat both infringement and ambush marketing issues. The SC-IP manages outside counsel in connection with IP issues, including trademark-related litigation, provides trademark advice and guidance to USOPC staff, and works directly with the IOC, IPC, NGBs, HPMOs, OCOGs, and other third parties in matters related to USOPC IP. The SC-IP also leads USOPC efforts in matters of copyright, including both filing for copyright applications and copyright enforcement.

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