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Summer Associate - Sports Immigration

Orlando, FL, USA

Maiorova Law, LLC

About the Role

You will have an opportunity to learn all about sports immigration from our collegial and diverse professional team. You will interpret immigration statutes and regulations, analyze sports statistics, conduct legal research and write memoranda and briefs. But in addition to the tasks you could expect to perform in any Summer Associate position, our Summer Associate will have the opportunity to attend sporting events, make valuable connections in the sports industry, participate in the planning of the nation's largest sports immigration conference, co-author articles with our Managing Attorney, and much more. Full-time or part-time, we want to share the lunch table with you, so this is an in-person position.


About the Company

At Maiorova Law, LLC, we know talent. Because we are an immigration law firm focused on sports immigration, talent is, you could say, our business. And we are hungry for more of it! That's why we would like to see your application for our Summer Associate position. We see you, law students, and are are impressed. You can Blue Book and TikTok. You can IRAC and Instagram. Some of you can do it simultaneously. We have to admit, you're making us feel a bit old and out of touch, but that's why we know that we need you on our team.

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