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'How will we pay for this?' — College leaders react to NCAA's new subdivision proposal

Dec 8, 2023

LAS VEGAS — In a dimly lit bar within the Aria Resort & Casino, some of the power players in college athletics gathered to enjoy a dash of nightlife. Music jammed. Beer flowed. And stories spewed.

Amid it all, a man bellied up to the bar, ordered another round and then wheeled around with a smile. “So,” he blurted, “what are we doing to call this new division? Division Zero?”

A day after NCAA president Charlie Baker introduced a radical change to the Division I athletics model — a new subdivision featuring direct compensation from school to athlete — some of the country’s most powerful leaders buzzed about the proposal from the Sports Business Journal’s annual summit here at the glitzy resort off the Vegas Strip.

Some stewed. Others praised. A few gasped.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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