'NCAA you have a problem': Deion Sanders says NIL money is causing behavior issues among players

May 11, 2022

Deion Sanders has an issue with the way money earned under the NCAA's new name, image, and likeness rules is causing some athletes to act.

The Jackson State football coach tagged the NCAA in a Twitter post Wednesday with a one-minute video explaining his position on the subject.

"When you start paying athletes like they're professionals, you get athletes acting like they're professionals," Sanders said. "And you don't have staffs large enough and equipped enough to handle a young man with money. Let me go deeper. Handle a young man that's making more money than some of the coaches on staff."

The way Sanders wants the NCAA to deal with the issue is to add more football staff members.

"I suggest to you to allow college teams to hire more qualified men. Qualified. That can handle these young men that's getting this money," said Sanders.

Sanders said that smaller schools such as Jackson State can't compete with the amount of money Power 5 schools are paying.

"See, with the NIL, which really ain't NIL because it ain't no name, image, and likeness, it's just pay-per view right now," Sanders said. "That's what they're doing at the big boys, little boys we can't compete with that. But anyway, you've got a problem,"

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: Yahoo)