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A Billion-Dollar Future? SEC Reports $853 Million in Revenue for 2023

Feb 9, 2024

It just means more … money.

The Southeastern Conference brought in $853 million in revenue during the 2023 fiscal year, new tax reports showed Thursday. The league earned about $50 million more than the previous fiscal year.

The 14 member schools each received about $51.3 million in distributions. In 2022 the average distribution was nearly $50 million per school.

Last year’s haul puts the conference on pace to crack a billion dollars this current year as college sports giants the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas are set to join the conference in a year in which the College Football Playoff expands to 12 teams, hypothetically giving more in-conference teams a shot at the title—and the money that comes with it. The conference’s new TV deal, worth $3 million, and ESPN as a primary partner over CBS, doesn’t hurt either.

Source: Front Office Sports

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