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A soccer player was arrested on the field after sucker-punching a woman ref over minor foul call

Aug 2, 2022

A soccer match was suspended and a player was arrested after a brutal attack on a female referee.

Cristian Tirone of the third-division Club Deportivo Garmense in Argentina was arrested on the field after he attacked the referee from behind.

The official appeared to call a foul on Tirone, who argued the call vehemently. As he was being pulled away by teammates, the referee issued a yellow card to one of Tirone's teammates for dissent.

That was when Tirone broke free, rushed the referee from behind, and threw a punch towards her head, knocking her down. After being pushed away by the assistant refs, police came on the field and arrested the player.

According to Twitter, the caption on this video reads: "Cowardly attack on a female referee of a soccer player in the reserve match Independencia against Garmense, corresponding to the Tres Arroyos Lea

Source: Yahoo Sports

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