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According to USC, There Are No Athletic Department Rules for Players

Jan 26, 2024

There are no rules for athletes in USC’s athletic department. That’s according to three USC athletic department officials who testified during a labor trial over college athlete employment status this week.

They said there’s neither an enforceable Student-Athlete Handbook nor an athlete social media policy, that nothing is mandatory, and that unlike every other athletic department, USC athletics is, for players, a free-for-all.

The National Labor Relations Board case, for which a trial is ongoing, is examining the question of whether USC football and basketball players should be considered employees of the school, the school’s conference, and the NCAA. The original complaint was filed by an advocacy group called the National College Players Association and has been taken up by the NLRB. If the NCPA wins, amateurism could be killed altogether.

Source: Front Office Sports

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