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Adam Silver shocked at 2nd Ja Morant gun video; Grizzlies guard says he takes full accountability

May 17, 2023

hree days after a second video of Ja Morant flashing a gun surfaced on social media, Adam Silver said he was "shocked" by the behavior of the Memphis Grizzlies guard.

The NBA commissioner discussed the situation in a Tuesday interview with ESPN that was part of the network's coverage of the league's draft lottery. Silver told Malika Andrews that he and Morant talked "directly about the consequences" after Morant first flashed a gun in a video that surfaced in March.

That incident compounded with others led to a leave of absence for Morant and eventually an eight-game suspension without pay. Silver said based on a previous discussion with Morant, he believed the Grizzlies guard took the situation seriously. He also said he was "shocked" by the second gun video that surfaced Saturday night.

Silver cited discussing "safety issues" with Morant — that he could have injured or killed somebody — in addition to the example he's setting for "millions if not tens of millions of kids." He added the league is investigating the new video, but that "I'm assuming the worst."

Source: Yahoo Sports

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