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After Pac-12's implosion, College Football Playoff format set for another shakeup

Aug 15, 2023

On Aug. 30 in Dallas, leaders of the College Football Playoff were scheduled to finalize minutiae of the expanded postseason format set to begin in 2024.

Items on the agenda included things like ticket distribution, team lodging and other important but tedious matters around the first-round games on campus.

Now, after another realignment wave shook the college sports landscape, the meeting is expected to take a different tone. The CFP’s governance structure, revenue distribution model and, most notably, playoff format are all up for re-examination after last week’s realignment shift, several college leaders say.

The Pac-12’s impending dissolution is expected to re-open debate among conference commissioners on the 12-team playoff model — a decision that took them more than 18 months to reach. The collapse of a Power Five conference is unprecedented in the playoff era, leaving many CFP officials with questions of their own, such as…

Source: Yahoo Sports

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