Agent Mino Raiola angry amid false reporting of death

Apr 28, 2022

Renowned football agent Mino Raiola posted on Twitter on Thursday that he was angry amid a flurry of reports that claimed he had died.

"Current health status for the ones wondering: pissed off second time in four months they kill me. Seem also able to resuscitate," Raiola tweeted following reports across social media that he had died.

Raiola, 54, was admitted to Milan's San Raffaele Hospital in January, and his business partner, Jose Fortes Rodrigues, told ESPN NL he remains in serious condition.

Rodrigues said of the rumours: "It's not true. He is not dead, but he is fighting for his life."

Doctor Alberto Zangrillo, who is treating Raiola, said he was furious at the false rumours.

"I'm indignant at the phone calls by pseudo journalists speculating on the life of a man who is fighting [for his life]," Zangrillo told Italian news agency ANSA.

Source: ESPN
(Photo by: AMA/Corbis via Getty Images)