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Alabama's Brandon Miller could have stopped a tragedy. He didn't.

Feb 21, 2023

In the early morning hours of Jan. 15, a shootout erupted in front of a popular string of bars in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, just steps from Alabama’s campus. At least eight shots rang out, two vehicles were hit, and a 23-year-old mother named Jamea Harris was killed.

Later that day, an Alabama basketball player, Darius Miles, and his longtime friend from back in Maryland, Michael Lynn Davis, were arrested for the killing. It was a sad and tragic story all around.

On Tuesday, it got worse. At a hearing for Miles and Davis, more details emerged, including the presence at the scene of two additional Alabama players, Jaden Bradley and Brandon Miller.

Miller is Alabama's leading scorer, a National Player of the Year candidate and a potential NBA lottery pick for the second-ranked Crimson Tide. According to a Tuscaloosa detective, he is also someone who received a text from Miles that night requesting that Miller drive over to The Strip, a collection of bars and restaurants, and bring Miles’ gun with him.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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