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Alabama's Nick Saban rejected 2 players who were searching for $1.3 million combined in NIL money: report

Jan 28, 2023

If you want to play for Alabama, you might not get your way when it comes to NIL money.

According to OutKick, Nick Saban had no problems letting a top recruit and one of his own players go recently after they asked for over $1 million combined from the school.

Saban attended the ALFCA (Alabama Football Coaches Association) Convention in Montgomery Friday, where he reportedly told fellow coaches about the two players' requests and his decision to let them go.

"Someone with one of the best corners in the nation (in high school) came to me and asked if we’d pay them $800,000 for the player to sign here. I told him he can find another place to play," Saban said, according to Baker High School coach Steve Norman. "I’m not paying a kid a bunch of NIL money before he earns it."

Source: Fox News

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