Alabama football coach Nick Saban laments singling out schools in NIL debate, but defends comments

May 31, 2022

Alabama football coach Nick Saban said on Tuesday that he never should have singled out Texas A&M when he accused the Aggies of using name, image and likeness deals to buy its top-ranked recruiting class during public comments he made two weeks ago.

But Saban was quick to add that, "I didn't really say that anybody did anything wrong."

At one point, a reporter interjected, pointing out to Saban that he had said A&M had "bought every player."

"I didn't say anybody did anything wrong," Saban reiterated.

Name, image and likeness rules allow players to earn money through endorsement deals, but oversight from the NCAA has been scarce, leading to frustration among coaches.

But when Saban called out Texas A&M by name, it heated up the national conversation.

Source: ESPN
(Photo by: Getty Images)