Angels pitcher Michael Lorenzen rips MLB balls after hitting Justin Upton in head with pitch

Jun 18, 2022

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Michael Lorenzen blames Major League Baseball for the pitch that hit Seattle Mariners outfielder Justin Upton in the head. Lorenzen ripped MLB's ball following the hit by pitch, saying Upton's injury is "on Major League Baseball."

Lorenzen expressed frustration over the league changing balls from season to season. There's evidence MLB utilized two separate balls last season, one that encouraged offense and one that was deadened.

Following Friday's hit by pitch, Lorenzen made it clear he believed the league still hasn't gotten things right in 2022. He blamed MLB for the state of the baseballs, saying they are too slippery.

Lorenzen explained the baseballs being used are "straight out of the package." The league allows baseballs to be rubbed with a mud mixture before use, but if balls are rubbed too early, the mud dries and reportedly leaves a slick surface on the ball. Pitchers are banned from rubbing any other substance on the ball due to the league's foreign substance crackdown.

Lorenzen put Friday's hit by pitch on the league, saying, "There baseballs are slick. They did get someone hurt. So that's on Major League Baseball for sure. I don't know what's going on. These baseballs are straight out of the package.

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: Yahoo)