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AP Survey Finds 55% of U.S. Adults Oppose College Athlete Unionization

Mar 15, 2024

A survey announced Thursday by the Associated Press and University of Chicago’s NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found college athlete unionization is taking the shape of a partisan political issue.

The topline finding is that 55% of U.S. adults oppose unionization. The majority of non-white people, Democrats, and those between 18 and 44 years old, though, were mildly in favor of unionization, while white people and those over 45 opposed it by 2-to-1 margins and Republicans opposed it 3-to-1.

The research dropped a week after the Dartmouth men’s basketball team successfully voted to unionize, becoming the first team in NCAA history to do so. As an Ivy League team, players don’t get athletic scholarships, leaving many of them to work side jobs. The players said they want to be compensated for their work.

Source: Front Office Sports

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