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Athletics fan-made 'sell' shirts worn at the reverse boycott are heading to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Jun 22, 2023

Oakland Athletics fans are taking their anger and disgust all the way to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Fan-made shirts worn at the reverse boycott are heading to Cooperstown, according to the Mercury News.

The shirts are solid green and feature the word "SELL" in capital letters across the front. Fans wore the shirts at a reverse boycott on June 13. The event has a huge success. Over 27,000 fans packed the Oakland Coliseum on a Tuesday night to protest owner John Fisher, who is deep in the process of moving the team to Las Vegas. Fans made themselves heard at the game, shouting "sell the team" during the contest.

While MLB has faced criticism for its lack of coverage of disgruntled Athletics fans, the National Baseball Hall of Fame wants to embrace the history of the moment. Hall of Fame vice president of communications and content Jon Shestakofsky told the Mercury News it was important to document the reverse protest.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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