Audio of 911 Calls Indicate Dwayne Haskins Was Walking on Highway to Get Gas Before Death

Apr 21, 2022

Audio of 911 calls from Dwayne Haskins’s wife and a witness at the scene of the incident revealed that the quarterback was walking on the highway to get gas shortly before his death earlier this month in South Florida.

In a recording of a 911 call from Kalabrya Haskins, she tells the operator that her husband was stranded on the side of a highway and had to walk to get gas. She clarified that she was at her home in Pittsburgh when he had called her to let her know of his situation and that he planned to call her again once he arrived back at his car.

After unsuccessfully attempting to get in touch with him, Kalabrya Haskins decided to call 911 and provide his location.

“I just want somebody to go to the area to see if his car’s there, see if he’s O.K., if anything happened to him. … That’s just not like him to not call me back and for his phone to go dead. He was stranded by himself. He was walking, though,” Kalabrya Haskins says in the recording released on Twitter by South Florida media personality Andy Slater.

Source: Sports Illustrated
(Photo by: Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports)