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Bailey Zappe was fun for a while, but now Patriots have issues after loss to Bears

Oct 25, 2022

Rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe replaced Mac Jones on Monday to cheers from the New England Patriots crowd. It was hysteria when Zappe led the Patriots to a 14-10 lead with touchdowns on his first two drives. Just about everyone with a social media account proclaimed that Jones would never play over Zappe again.

That lasted for about an hour. Maybe less. The sugar high from Zappe's first two drives wore off fast, and all that was left at the end was a surprising and disappointing 33-14 loss at home to the Chicago Bears.

The Bears blew out the Patriots. Zappe started hot and then cooled off. New England didn't score in the second half. Chicago scored the final 23 points of the game. The Bears' season high for points in a game this season was 23. They were averaging 15.5 points a game and more than doubled that on Monday.

The Patriots are 3-4. Now they have a quarterback controversy that Bill Belichick didn't clarify postgame. The Patriots head coach declined to name a starter moving forward and said that Jones' interception that preceded his benching didn't play a role in his decision.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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