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Bears new stadium project at Arlington Park still has no timeline

Mar 29, 2023

The Bears closed on Arlington Park over a month ago, but they’re no closer to breaking ground on any new developments. Bears chairman George McCaskey and incoming president/CEO Kevin Warren addressed the media at the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday, and said the team is still in the research phase of any potential development, with no timelineー and no rushー to begin construction in Arlington Heights.

“We’re now the owner of the property, so I’ve been using the analogy of people who buy a lot and decide to build a house,” McCaskey said via The Athletic. “Once you buy the lot, you’ve got to look at OK, if we’re going to put a building on here, where are we going to situate it, what’s the style going to be, what features is it going to have, how are we going to pay for it?”

That’s not surprising, as Warren and the Bears have made it clear they will plan extensively before digging their first hole in the ground. In fact, the team maintains that they haven’t decided whether or not to even build a new stadium, even though it seems highly unlikely that the team would buy 326 acres of land and opt not to build state of the art facilities there. Realistically, the Bears would both build a new stadium at Arlington Park, and develop a mixed-use area featuring restaurants, bars, entertainment and housing.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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