Bengals, Rams Super Bowl could boost Best Buy’s TV sales. A Chiefs-49ers appearance would be the worst-case scenario, analyst says

Jan 28, 2022

Loop Capital Markets, in a note to clients this week, tried to determine which Super Bowl LVI matchup would drive the most sales of new TVs and home theaters at the retailer. It concluded a Cincinnati Bengals versus Los Angeles Rams matchup would benefit the retailer most.

Loop Capital used “metropolitan statistical area” metrics to assist in determining the population size of a city and surrounding counties. The MSA for Cincinnati and Los Angeles is 15.5 million, combined. The clubs’ combined 36 years since they last appeared in a Super Bowl – 33 of those years belonging to the Bengals’ absence – would also favor potential sales, Loop said.

The firm determined a Chiefs-49ers contest “would be the least desirable outcome” for Best Buy, given there’s only been a combined three years since the last Super Bowl appearance of the teams, and the smaller combined local fan populations.

Source: CNBC
(Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)