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Bengals fan claims NFL ordered signs criticizing Roger Goodell to be taken down

Jan 9, 2023

A Cincinnati Bengals superfan is claiming that the league ordered his signs criticizing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be taken down during Sunday’s final regular season matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Jim Foster posted an image of the signs to Twitter on Sunday, adding that the league allegedly ordered security to ask him to take them down.

"[The NFL] just made us take down these posters," Foster wrote in the post. "Security was VERY nice about this."

Foster told FOX19 in Cincinnati he believes it was an "NFL directive," but was adamant that the encounter with security was pleasant.

"We think NY called and had our banner taken down," he told the outlet. "The security folks were very nice to us. We are good. MOVING ON TO PLAYOFFS WITH NO COIN FLIP!"

Source: Fox News

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