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Bigger Gloves, Shorter Rounds: Texas Board to Sanction Paul-Tyson Fight

Apr 29, 2024

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s Netflix boxing match this summer in Arlington has been approved as a professional fight by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The matchup will have eight two-minute rounds with fighters wearing 14-ounce gloves, the promoter, Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions, announced Monday. MVP proposed the terms, both sides agreed, and then went to TDLR for approval, the department tells Front Office Sports.

TDLR said it reviewed medical tests from each contestant with ringside physicians “to ensure they are physically able to compete.” TDLR had already licensed Paul to fight in Texas, while Tyson recently submitted his forms and medical tests, the department said. In addition to age and health, the department said it also considers any fighter’s total number of matches, length of rounds, wins and losses, and losses by knockout (“especially in the previous 12 months”), as well as the proposed terms when considering “the experience—or inexperience—of the contestants.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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