Blue Jays' Garcia blames slippery baseball for 'one of the worst nights' of career

May 11, 2022

It’s common for MLB pitchers to say they didn’t mean to hit an opposing batter, but Toronto Blue Jays reliever Yimi García has a valid excuse.

García gave up a game-tying three-run home run in the sixth inning of Tuesday's 6-5 chaotic loss to the New York Yankees and followed that up by hitting Josh Donaldson two pitches later, putting the go-ahead run on base with one out. The Blue Jays reliever was ejected from the game with no warning, as was pitching coach Pete Walker for arguing the call.

As mentioned on the broadcast during the skirmish between the Blue Jays coaching staff and the mass of umpires that made the decision, context matters — it wouldn't make any sense for García to intentionally hit Donaldson on a 0-1 pitch in a tied game against a division rival.

García agreed with that assessment when discussing the incident on Wednesday, putting the blame instead on the baseball.

“Last night was some of the worst nights of my playing career regarding the baseballs,” García said through an interpreter. “It was embarrassing. The balls that we’re using right now, for me, it’s bad. The balls are really bad, very slippery, and I can’t believe it.”

Donaldson didn't believe he was hit on purpose, but can understand why it may have appeared that way.

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: Yahoo)