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Bonds sounds off on Hall of Fame exclusion with candid take

Jul 13, 2023

Barry Bonds needs no introduction, with a mile-long list of accolades heaped upon the Home Run King throughout his 22-year MLB career between the Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates.

But there's one honor the legendary slugger is missing, and Bonds recently responded to his longtime exclusion from the National Baseball Hall of Fame with some brutal honesty.

The former Giant opened up on the "Hollywood Swingin' " podcast, telling hosts Stephen Bishop and Jerry Hairston Jr. the entire situation makes "zero sense" to him while arguing his case.

"Yeah, does it bother you? Sure. I’m human, I’m not some wall sitting up here [who] doesn’t care," Bonds said. "Sure, it bothers you. But at the same time, I also know who I am. And the thing is that people have to understand ... I was vindicated. I went to the court, I was in federal court, and I won my case, 100 percent.

"Where is the vindication of me in my own sport? That’s what bothers me."

Source: Yahoo Sports

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