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Breanna Stewart, Napheesa Collier looking to boost WNBA players with Unrivaled league

Jul 20, 2023

LAS VEGAS — Breanna Stewart and Napheesa Collier view Unrivaled, their newly founded basketball league, as symbiotic to the WNBA and an avenue to fill offseason voids for players as women’s basketball continues to grow in TV viewership and popularity.

“Oftentimes in the WNBA, it seems like we're fighting against each other when we should be working parallel,” Stewart, a New York Liberty forward, said. “So hopefully, Unrivaled and the WNBA can continue to do that, where we can really kind of encourage one another.”

Unrivaled, whose emergence was announced one week before players began arriving in Las Vegas for the 2023 WNBA All-Star game, is the latest women’s professional basketball league and would run during the WNBA offseason from January through March. It will be based in Miami and feature 30 of the best professional women’s players on six teams, playing one-on-one and three-on-three, a game booming in popularity. It will be full court, but two-thirds the size of a regulation one, and the founders believe the prolific offense will entice viewers.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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