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Brett Favre Asks Judge to Lift Gag Order in Mississippi Welfare Case

Jun 26, 2023

Brett Favre requested the judge overseeing a lawsuit brought by the Mississippi Department of Human Services over misspent welfare funds to modify the gag order in the case.

“There has been a tremendous amount of negative publicity about Mr. Favre, not least because State Auditor Shad White and others have been continually telling the media falsehoods about Mr. Favre,” Eric. D. Herschmann, Favre’s lead attorney, wrote in a Friday filing.

Favre saw nearly all of his sponsor and media deals put on hold late last year as his links to the scandal garnered national attention.

The suppression order that Judge Eleanor Faye Peterson put in place in May prohibits “all attorneys, their representatives, parties, witnesses, applicable agency personnel, law enforcement officers and court personnel” from discussing the case until it concludes.

Source: Front Office Sports

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