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Browns DE Myles Garrett cited for speeding after scary rollover crash

Sep 29, 2022

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has been issued a citation for speeding and failing to control his vehicle in the one-vehicle rollover crash he was in earlier this week. The citation was issued in court on Thursday by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, who say that Garrett was driving at a speed that wasn't safe for that type of roadway.

Garrett and a passenger were traveling away from the Browns practice facility in his Porsche on Monday afternoon when the crash occurred. According to the crash report, Garrett was driving 65 mph in a 45 mph zone when his car drove off the west side of the roadway, struck a ditch and a fire hydrant, then rolled over several times before coming to a stop.

Police bodycam footage of the accident was released on Tuesday. It shows Garrett sitting on the roadside being evaluated by what appear to be firefighter medics. His battered car is just behind him. He identifies a few areas of injury concern, namely his bicep, and then walks to the ambulance. The passenger appears to be lying on the ground nearby while being tended to by another medic.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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