Buck Showalter, Billy Eppler spoke with MLB office about baseball grip

Apr 27, 2022

The Mets have been hit 19 times in 20 games, and a lot of those have been extremely scary moments for the players, coaches, and fans to witness.

One moment came in St. Louis on Tuesday night, as Pete Alonso couldn't get out of the way of a heater to the head, which his helmet luckily saved him of. It's something Buck Showalter has had to address too much already this season, as he's been vocal about the grip on baseballs that his pitchers, and others around the league, have been struggling with.

"Billy [Eppler] and I have been talking to the league," Showalter said prior to the Mets-Cardinals matinee Wednesday, during which J.D. Davis was hit in the ankle by a pitch. "We do our homework on the other teams, but I’m worried about one team. I’m not worried about the other 29 teams. I’ve talked to the league office today and Billy has and it’s a concern. It’s about safety and health. Trying to get your hands around why is more important. It’s pretty obvious that it’s an issue."

Showalter is one who has said he would like a universal substance that pitchers can use to get a better grip on the baseball. And while he doesn't believe these hit-by-pitches are intentional, it's still very concerning.

"I had a moment last night I was holding Pete’s helmet and it was cracked. Can you imagine years ago when they didn’t have that?" Showalter said.

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: NY Post)