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Cardell Hayes back on trial in shooting death of former Saints star Will Smith

Jan 26, 2024

It began with a tap of two bumpers, the smallest of traffic accidents on the night of April 9, 2016, in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District. The collision was so light it’s possible that an exchange of insurance papers wouldn’t even be necessary.

It’s ended, well, it still hasn’t ended.

The nearly eight years since has included one high-profile NFL shooting death, two splintered families, a community outpouring, a manslaughter conviction that pleased no one, a nearly five-year incarceration, a United States Supreme Court decision outlawing a Jim Crow-era judicial practice that vacated a conviction and now, this week, a second trial, that still grips New Orleans with no easy answers.

That includes endless debates about stand your ground principles, gun violence and the local socioeconomic-fueled standards of privilege.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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