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Cardinals 'don't foresee' trading Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins, GM says

Apr 28, 2023

After months of rumors, it seems like DeAndre Hopkins is staying in Arizona.

The rebuilding Arizona Cardinals will likely not have much success this coming season and could trade the five-time All-Pro receiver in order to continue to build for their future.

Quarterback Kyler Murray is also likely to miss a bulk of the season while he recovers from a torn ACL, so the writing is on the wall for Arizona to continue a rebuild and acquire draft capital for when Murray returns in 2024.

The Cards actually made a flurry of deals on Thursday, one of which resulted in acquiring a 2024 first-round pick, but none of them involved Hopkins, and it doesn't look like any other future moves will, at least in the short term.

Source: Fox News

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