Carlos Beltrán Addresses Astros Sign-Stealing Scandal for First Time: ‘We Were Wrong’

Apr 3, 2022

Former Astros outfielder Carlos Beltrán spoke publicly for the first time about his role in Houston’s infamous sign-stealing scandal, admitting that the team was wrong for carrying out its scheme.

Beltrán, now an analyst for the YES Network, spoke as a guest on CenterStage with Michael Kay and discussed how nobody in the organization stepped up to stop the illegal activity.

“A lot of people always ask me why you didn’t stop it,” Beltrán said, per a YES Network transcript of the program viewed by The Athletic. “And my answer is, I didn’t stop it the same way no one stopped it. This is working for us. Why you gonna stop something that is working for you? So, if the organization would’ve said something to us, we would’ve stopped it for sure.”

Source: Sports Illustrated
(Photo by: By Evan Drellich)