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Celtics' Grant Williams bloodied as head accidentally stepped on by Joel Embiid: 'I really got curb stomped'

May 6, 2023

Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams had his head smashed into the court during the fourth quarter of Boston’s 114-102 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night.

While scrambling for a loose ball, Williams and Jaylen Brown wound up on the floor, which caused 2023 MVP Joel Embiid to leap over the two players.

Unfortunately for Williams, Embiid didn’t clear the two, and his foot stepped on the back of Williams’ head, causing his face to smash into the floor.

"I was like, ’Dang, I really got curb-stomped,'" Williams said after the game. "I'm just thankful he didn’t like fully just lean his weight onto it. He definitely got me pretty badly. But then I think he felt that he landed on something, so he picked his foot up. It hurts a little bit."

Source: Fox News

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