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Colorado's Deion Sanders issues stern warning to players ahead of spring break

Mar 27, 2023

Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders did not mince his words when he laid out his expectations for his players when they spend time away from the team.

Sanders successfully built a winning culture at Jackson State and is looking to replicate that in Boulder. The Pro Football Hall of Famer immediately started to lay a foundation after he was named Colorado's new head coach in December.

The student-athletes are set for a break, but Sanders warned players not to let the time away make them forget about the rules they have to follow once they return to campus.

"You have a meeting [Monday morning]. If you late to that meeting, there’s going to be consequences. Your locker will be cleaned. It will be cleaned, and I’m not threatening you. It’s just reality," Sanders told his players.

Source: Fox News

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