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Commissioner Jay Monahan on LIV golfers seeking reinstatement to PGA Tour, possible merger

Mar 8, 2023

PONTE VEDRA BEACH - PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan was asked Tuesday about two topical issues related to LIV Golf: Players seeking reinstatement to the PGA Tour and the possibility of two organizations merging.

In June, before LIV's inaugural event in London, Monahan informed his membership any player who joined LIV was suspended from the PGA Tour. Although suspensions were lengthened depending how many times a player teed it up at a LIV event, Monahan has never said the suspensions were permanent.

Still, a path back at this point has not been discussed, Monahan said Tuesday during his state of the tour news conference ahead of the Players Championship.

"I've been hearing that a lot lately and I'm not certain where that's coming from," Monahan said Tuesday when asked about rumors of LIV golfers possibly seeking a path back to the PGA Tour. "The players that are playing on that tour are contractually obligated to play on that tour. So any hypotheticals at this point really aren't relevant.

"But our position, to answer your question directly, has not changed."

Source: Yahoo Sports

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