Coroner’s report on former Dallas Cowboys RB Marion Barber should include the word ‘football

Jun 3, 2022

The average life expectancy for a male in the U.S. is 78 years.

The average career for an NFL player is just under four years.

Marion Barber’s NFL career lasted almost twice as long, while his entire life ended well short of the average male.

On Wednesday in Frisco, the former Dallas Cowboys running back died at the age of 38.

The cause of death is unknown.

Whenever the coroner’s report is finished it should include as a probable cause of death the word football.

We are kidding ourselves if we don’t think football contributed in some way to his death.

“We are heartbroken by the tragic death of Marion Barber III. Marion was an old-school, hard-nosed football player who ran with the will to win every down,” the Dallas Cowboys said in a statement. ”He had a passion for the game and love for his coaches and teammates. Our hearts go out to Marion’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: Fox Sports)