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Coyotes Press DSG For Nearly $18M In Unpaid Rights Fees

Oct 30, 2023

The relationship between the bankrupt Diamond Sports Group and the Arizona Coyotes has already been severed by a court, but is still not over yet.

Less than a month after the bankrupt parent of Bally Sports rejected its local rights to the NHL club, ushering in a dramatic new era in Phoenix sports television, the Coyotes filed a formal claim with a U.S. bankruptcy court in Texas for $17.9 million in unpaid rights fees.

The claim is similar to one for $24.6 million that the Coyotes’ crosstown neighbor, MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks, filed with the court in August, less than four weeks after their rights were also dropped by DSG. Both clubs, however, will face an uphill climb recouping most, if not all, of that money.

Source: Front Office Sports

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